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Eddie Murphy Fondly Remembers First Seeing ‘Dolemite’ … And Pam Grier’s Breasts



In Dolemite Is My Name Eddie Murphy plays jive talking, foul-mouth comedian Rudy Rae Moore. Murphy fondly remembers seeing Moore, in his blaxploitation flick Dolemite back when he was a teen, as well as popular actress Pam Grier and … her breasts.

It was pretty customary in films of that time for the women to be topless and Murphy couldn’t help but joke about it.

But while Murphy got introduced to profanity and nudity at a young age, he says his kids weren’t allowed to watch many of his films and stand-up acts like Raw until they were much older.

And if that wasn’t enough candid conversation from the legendary comedian during our 4 minute sit-down, he also cleared up what he felt was a long standing rumor about him … that he has a foot fetish.

If you recall in his 1992 flick Boomerang, his character Marcus Graham has a serious fixation with women’s toes. Apparently after the film Murphy says people assumed he too was obsessed with beautiful feet. We certainly made sure our pedicure was poppin’ before the interview, so he may have a point.

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