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Alicia Keys Clears Up “No Make-up” Misconception…



Red Table Talk turned into Red Piano Talk when Alicia Keys entered the building. The “Girl On Fire” songstress sat-down with Jada, Adrienne and Willow to discuss her fears, passions, misconceptions — and, of course, her epic catalog of inspiring hits.

When touching on misconception, Keys shocked the ladies by revealing that the biggest one is, “Probably that I’m very happy or that I’m very strong.” Hearing that from the woman that wrote “Superwoman” had the table audible surprised. Alicia also stated she didn’t ever want to be put on a pedestal. “I’m good. I wanted to be on the floor … right here together. I am good. I can just be me. I can be all of my flawed beautiful self, you can be your flawed beautiful self, we can just hang out, and talk, and work through it, and sort it out. That’s where I want to be,” Keys stated passionately. Which prompted Adrienne to ask, “is that where the no make-up came from, too?” Alicia opened and revealed it wasn’t about trying to start a movement, it was more about trying to zone in on her own self-worth.

“The no makeup thing came from … I was definitely frustrated with just a lot of things in the world. I had a paper, I wrote down all the things that pissed me off. I’m pissed off by the way, if my son wants to paint his nails, it’s a big [issue] … I’m pissed off that if I’m not so put together and I walk outside, someone says to me, ‘You look tired.’ I’m not tired! This is my face. I didn’t even know my own face and when I took off all the stuff and I looked into the mirror, I didn’t know that person. I look back today and pictures, like geez Alicia, did it really have to be that? It was so much. I had done that because I was told to do that.”

But now, Alicia is focused on being the version of herself she feels most comfortable being!

Check out the rest of the chat below to see the surprising inspiration for one of her biggest hits, “Like You’ll Never See Me Again.”

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