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Malik Yoba Says He’s Not ‘Coming Out’ But ‘Stepping Up’ For Trans Community



Malik Yoba is opening up more about his attraction for trans women.

The NY Undercover actor sat down for an interview with Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club on Wednesday to address his recent Instagram post where he revealed that he was attracted to trans women.

On Aug. 26, Yoba posted a video of 20-year-old Maurice Willoughby being teased for his relationship with his transgender girlfriend Faith Palmer. Originally, it was reported that Willoughby killed himself on Aug. 20 because of that bullying but Palmer explained on Facebook he was struggling with drugs.

Yoba’s post, in support of Willoughby, declared that he, too, is attracted to both trans and cisgender women.

“I too have felt the self-imposed shame that comes with that truth, but it’s time to speak up,” he said in the caption. The post has since been deleted from Yoba’s account.

When asked by Charlamange if he was coming out he said he’s stepping up and proclaimed he’s a heterosexual male who likes all women.

“It’s called stepping the f*ck up,” he declared. “There are a lot of Black men (and I ain’t gonna blow nobody up, but we all know who they are) that are in situations where they are friends, sometimes lovers and sometimes murderers of transwomen.”

Activists Carmen Carrera, David Johns and Nala Simone joined Yoba for an hour interview that covered a range issues around the LGBTQ+ community. Yoba said  he realized he was attracted to trans women 20 years ago and feels like a weight has been lifted since telling his truth.

“I feel like the freest n*gga in America. That was the one secret in my life — the one, that was it. No other shady nonsense, that was it.”

He added, “When you walk among your own people and you know that they have a question about your integrity and everyone’s giving you the side-eye, the people that used to give you the love, that’s a very interesting feeling. One of things that I’ve learned in my own public persecution and vilification is thay no matter how bad it was for me, it ain’t as bad as it is for ya’ll [transgender people].

Yoba has however been accused by a trans woman named Mariah Lopez Ebony who claims the actor paid her for sex when she was underage. Other women have also shared similar stories on Facebook. Yoba didn’t specifically address those accusations but did callout his fraternity Phi Beta Sigma who recently removed him as spokesperson over their youth mentorship program following the allegations.

“My former fraternity, Phi Beta Sigma, we had an executive director that was murdered. He was gay, he was running for public office in Louisiana — because we don’t have a culture, even within an organization like Phi Beta Sigma, you have a gay leader that has to then go live in the shadows, make poor choices based on that and he was murdered. No one stepped up as brothers. As I’ve gone through my storm recently, those brothers didn’t step up for me, they stepped away.”

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