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Eddie Murphy Makes Big Comedic Return With ‘Dolemite’



Eddie Murphy is his name and makin MF’s laugh is his game! The veteran comedian’s big return to the box-office kicked off during the Toronto Film Festival at the world premiere of his new film Dolemite is My Name.

In the film Murphy plays Rudy Rae Moore, a down on his luck stand-up comedian who creates the raunchy pimp character Dolemite to catapult him to super stardom.

Moore, and his entrepreneurial hustle, and witty rap delivery would soon inspire generations of hip-hop artists and comedians including Murphy.

The film is just one of a slew of project Murphy will now embark on after an almost decade long hiatus. He will next bring his comedic greatness to the big screen in the highly anticipated sequel to Coming To America and rumor has it he nabbed a 70 million deal with Netlix for a comedy special.

He couldn’t dish on his deal with the streaming service but did reveal some secrets about filming Coming 2 America.

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