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Crying Wolf: 5 Stars Who Said They Were Retiring … But Changed Their Mind!



Nicki Minaj sent the barbs into an absolute frenzy on Thursday — and it may have all been for naught. The Pink Friday rapper tweeted her shocking decision to walk away from her successful music career to focus on having a family.

But, after her fans completely freaked out, Minaj kind of backtracked, promising to give more details soon.

Nicki’s announcement may or may not have been a real retirement, but the stars below really did try to bow out but couldn’t stay away long.


In 2003, the Jigga Man dropped The Black Album and claimed it would be his last. Looking back on it, we should have known better. Since then, Jay has released 5 platinum albums, plus a duet situation with bae Bey titled, Everything Is Love. And it’s good to know we weren’t the only ones side-eyeing his efforts at leaving the industry, the 49-year-old told Entertainment Weekly, his “was the worst retirement in history.”


Money Mayweather was ready to walk away from it all after defeating Andre Berto in a September 2015. Following the fight, he announced plans to retire immediately — but that was a fleeting moment. He stepped back into the ring in August 2017 in a match against UFC champ Conor McGregor. As you may remember he defeated Conor and walked away with at least $100 million. Retirement for what.


In 2000, during her European tour, she told the crowd it would be her last stating, “I’ve done enough. I’ve been performing for 44 years. I really should hang up my dancing shoes.” And that’s exactly what she did for eight years, until she came out of retirement for a 50th anniversary tour in 2008. She also performed with Beyoncé at the Grammy Awards that very same year.


It was the statement that shocked the music world. “Today I officially retired from music,” the “Hey Lover” rapper tweeted in 2014. “Thank you for the love.” But then, just a few hours later, LL hopped back on Twitter to announce he was “officially coming out of retirement” and “starting a new album.” Can somebody say, ‘publicity stunt’?!?


And the most famous un-retirement of them all — Michael Jordan on THREE separate occasions. In 1993, Jordan retired from the NBA after winning a third straight title. But, then took up baseball and played for the Class AA Birmingham Barons, a Chicago White Sox farm team. Oh, but he wasn’t done with basketball … He returned to the Bulls in March 1995, and locked in three more championships before stepping away again. Mike switched roles and put on his corporate hat becoming part-owner of the Washington Wizards. But, again, that wasn’t enough, so he hit the hardwood again and resumed his playing career in 2001 at age 38. This time around, M.J. played just two years with the Wizards, before retiring for good.

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