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7 Celebs Who Had Near Death Experiences



According to his friends and family Kevin Hart was extremely lucky to survive the car crash that led to his back surgery. It was a straight up brush with death for the comedian, but he’s not the first celeb who came close to losing his life. History is littered with close calls that almost ended in tragedy. Here are a few you may have forgotten about.

Stevie Wonder

In 1973 a collision with a logging truck nearly killed the musical genius. Wonder was on the road in North Carolina when the car he was riding in hit the truck. It’s still unclear what exactly it was, but something smashed through the windshield and struck Stevie in the head. At the time of the crash he had on headphones and was listening to his new album Innervisions which had been released just days earlier. Wonder was pulled from the car unconscious, unresponsive and remained in a coma for nearly four days. It would be nearly 5 months before he would perform again. The accident left a scar across Stevie’s head and affected his sense of smell.


Before he became one of the hottest Producers in the music game Timbaland was a struggling dishwasher at a Red Lobster in Virginia. One night in 1996 a co-worker was showing off a pistol when it accidentally discharged and hit Timbaland in the chest beneath his arm. The limb was temporarily paralyzed and the bullet remains in his body to this day.

Tracy Morgan

In June of 2014 the Limo bus that Morgan was riding in was rear ended by a Walmart truck. Comedian James Mcnair was killed in the crash and Morgan was left with life threatening injuries. To this day Morgan has no recolection of the accident and was in a coma for two weeks after the crash. The list of injuries is staggering and its a miracle that Morgan is back to work. He suffered a broken leg, broken nose, broken ribs and trauma to his brain. For months Morgan struggled to memorize anything and also dealt with constant nosebleeds.

It was determined that the driver of the truck, was to blame for the crash. He had been driving for close to 24 hours without sleep and ended up being charged with vehicular homicide and assualt by auto.

Kanye West

Unless you were a hardcore rap fan you had no idea who Kanye West was when in the fall of 2002 when he nearly died in a car accident. At the time he was better known for his production work, and was leaving a session in LA when he was cut off and swerved head on into traffic. West he had to have reconstructive surgery on his face and was laid up in the hospital for weeks without any health insurance.

Of course the silver lining is that the accident inspired his first real hit “Through The Wire”, which Kanye recorded while his jaw was still wired shut.

Halle Berry

One of the most iconic scenes in Bond history is when Halle Berry walked out of crystal blue Carribean, in that barely there orange bikini and onto the beach in Die Another Day. But there’s another scene in that movie that is equally as famous because it nearly cost Berry her life. During a steamy love scene with Pierce Brosnan, Berry cut a piece of fruit that the two lovers would chew together as they kissed. Unfortunately, a piece of the fruit got lodged in her throat and Berry nearly choked to death. According to eyewitness accounts Berry couldn’t speak, but she began waving her arms when she started chocking. The scary thing is that nobody knew what was really going on, until it was almost too late.

Martin Lawrence

In August of 1999 Martin Lawrence was trying to lose weight for a role when he collapsed from heat stroke and nearly died. The comedian was hospitalized and put on a respirator after his girlfriend discovered him passed out with a temperature of 107. Apparently, Martin decided to step up his daily jogging ritual by adding several layers of clothing so he could sweat off excess pounds. He nearly died and slipped into a coma for several hours before finally regaining consciousness.

Lil Wayne

For years Lil Wayne sold the story that he accidently shot himself in the chest when he was 12 and thankfully an off duty cop rushed him to the hospital. Well in 2016 he admitted that the incident was actually an attempt to take his life. He claims that he was so distraught after he was told he couldn’t rap any more, that he grabbed his mothers gun and pulled the trigger. The bullet missed his heart by a just a few centimeters and he almost bled to death on the way to the hospital. Wayne said that the deaths of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain moved him to come clean about his own struggles.



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