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Tristan Thompson Wants Y’all To Leave Khloé Alone…



Tristan Thompson heard about y’all insinuating he was back with his ex, Jordan Craig, and decided to hop on Twitter to clear a few things up. He also took the opportunity to defend his latest baby mama, Khloe Kardashian, against the brutal “backlash” she’s been receiving. So, yea…

It was just a few days ago the whole internet thought Thompson and Craig were rekindling their love based off of a couple of IG vacation photos. Turns out, everyone had it wrong.

Welp, he cleared that up quick. But, while his thumbs were in a typing mood, Tris also cleared up the long-standing rumor, that he cheated on a pregnant Jordan in order to snag a Kardashian.

Still, folks refuse to care about the NBA baller’s 140 characters and have gone on to annihilate his mentions…

Are y’all buying what TT is selling?

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