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Sibling Rivalry: Marlon Wayans Admits Who’s The Funniest In His Famous Family



Marlon Wayans knows what it’s like to have a whole lot of siblings. The 47-year-old New York native is the youngest of 10 children, so it’s no surprise for his latest film Sextuplets he plays six different characters — some of which were inspired by his own famous family members.

Let’s not forget the Wayans clan ( Keenan, Damon, Kim, Shawn & Marlon) created some of the most epic and iconic characters with “In Living Color” so for Marlon (the baby of the bunch) this was a no brainer.

In the outrageous Netflix original Marlon stars as Alan, an expecting father who discovers he has five other siblings he’s never met before.

HipHollywood sat down with the hilarious comedian to dish about the film and also find out what his siblings think of his latest project. But first … we played a game called “Sibling Rivalry” and got him to admit who’s the funniest, smartest, swaggiest and more of the bunch.

Check out the clip below. Sextuplets also starring Bresha Webb, Glynn Turman and Debbie Morgan is streaming on Netflix NOW.

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