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Neighbors Call The Cops On Kanye West




Is Kanye West the latest victim of minding your business while black?<

We’ve all heard the stories of white folks calling the cops on Black people for no damn reason. According to TMZ Ye’s Calabasas neighbors called the police on him over the weekend … but they may have a valid grievance.

Apparently there’s been a crazy amount of construction work going on at the West compound and it’s driving the neighbors nuts. In case you forgot, Ye has been creating prototypes for new age housing … housing that blurs the line between low, middle and high-income communities. See pics below.

His plan was to build the dome-like structures on the 300 acres he owns in Calabasas, and create a full housing complex on the site.

Unfortunately he’s didn’t get the proper permits and is now tearing them down. The city gave him until Sept 15, thus all the racket.

Sources say construction crews were working for more than 12 hours Saturday and Sunday. The city allows construction from 8 AM – 5 PM. The city does not allow Sunday construction. At least one neighbor called the cops Sunday complaining of noise, and L.A. County Sheriff’s deputies responded at 7:30 PM and found a construction crew hard at work. They forced them to stop.

No word on what Ye’s new plan will be, but his neighbors better get some ear plugs.

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