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Jussie Smollett Returns To The Scene Of The Crime?!



How about this for art imitating life. “Empire” has started production on their 6th and final season — and they’re shooting scenes in the very same location where Jussie Smollett alleged his vicious attacked occurred. Someone’s got a sick sense of humor…

Of course, as you may remember, police now believe that Smollett faked the hate crime that he said he was a victim of. However, that didn’t stop the production team (which was accompanied by local authorities) from showing up Tuesday morning near McClurg and North Water Street, just one block away from the overpass where Smollett’s “attack” happened, according to NBC Chicago.

Jussie, who played Jamal Lyon on the hit FOX show, was not present during shooting and also isn’t expected to shoot for the final season of the show. “You’ll see pictures of him in the background,” Fox Entertainment CEO Charlie Collie told reporters last week, promising “surprises at the beginning of the season” that viewers are “going to love.”

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