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Dwight Howard Has A New Boo … No One Believes It’s Real



Dwight Howard is in love, y’all! No, for real, he’s smitten, head over heels, and full on gaga over 21-year-old, Baylor University basketball player Te’a Cooper.

The internet took notice of his recent comments in Cooper’s Instagram comment section. The co-ed beauty posted several pics, wearing a “DH” chain and giving her best fierce face. In turn, Howard replied, “I see you hunai,” he also inserted several fire emojis. The NBA baller also posted comments on several other pics.

Not only does Te’a consistently posts pics sporting her “DH” chain, she’s also been going around town telling folks she’s engaged to the NBA baller. According to sources, Cooper has been seen with a very expensive looking diamond rock on her finger that may be an engagement ring from Dwight.

Now, we know what you’re thinking, ‘wasn’t Howard just *allegedly* in a secret sexual relationship with a transperson by the name of Masin Elijé’, yes, yes he was. But, Howard has adamantly denied the allegations — however, it is those same allegations that have folks thinking this love affair with Te’a is complete BS…

“He just wanna be seen with a female,” one commenter posted. Another stated, “Idk that “I see you hunai” was a liiiiil suspect lol.”

What do you think?

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