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Cast Of ‘Dear White People’ Reveals The Questions They Hate Answering Most



You may have already binge watched Season 3 of the hit Netflix series ‘Dear White People’ but we can’t get enough of our red carpet chat with the cast.

We caught up with a few of your faves from the show to ask them what questions they hate being asked the most and some of these answers are so real but so hilarious!

New addition Yvette Nicole Brown apparently gets mistaken for Sherri Shepherd all the time and she is tired!

Nia Javier, who plays the prim and proper Kelsey, says her voice is real… so you can also stop asking her…

Apparently, actors also hate being asked what they’re working on next. Brandon P. Bell breaks down the fact that actors are essentially unemployed until their next gig. So basically there isn’t much to talk about other than auditions for most up and coming actors.

Of course, Black folks at some point have had to answer the infamous, “can I touch your hair” or “is that a weave” question because unfortunately it happens more often than we may want to think.

Either way, we can all relate or learn a thing or two because unchecked curiosity can get you cursed out!

Anyways, if you haven’t already be sure to catch up on Season 3 of ‘Dear White People’ available now on Netflix.

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