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A$AP Rocky Is A Free Man … For Now



Looks like that #FreeASAP movement finally made some traction — the rapper has been released from his Swedish jail cell while he awaits sentencing from the judges in his assault case.

Rocky has been in custody since the top of July for an incident involving an over-zealous “fan”. The victim claims A$AP, along with two members of his crew, aggressively assaulted him while on the streets of Sweden. For his part, Rocky claims the incident was provoked by the victim and states he was only defending himself. The rapper had been on trail for the past week, with things finally wrapping up today.

According to TMZ, “Prosecutors just asked the judges to impose a 6-month jail sentence for Rocky, saying he should be judged harshly because they say he threw a bottle at the alleged victim. They also want to keep him behind bars pending the verdict — which could take a week — because they say he continues to be a flight risk.”

However, while the 4 judges determine A$AP’s fate, he has been allowed to go free. Furthermore, he can even leave Sweden, that is, until his sentencing which is expected to come down on August 14th.

This is great news for the self-described “pretty boy”. If they’re letting him go free now, maybe that means he’ll be able to go free indefinitely. And even y’all’s president — who tried and failed to get him released weeks ago — excitedly chimed in on the latest development.

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