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Sage The Gemini Says He Wants To Shoot His Shot With Melyssa Ford



As much as rapper Sage the Gemini has had a bad wrap with the ladies these past few years, we can admit he’s definitely a looker.

We haven’t heard much from Sage after his public break up with Jordin Sparks back in 2016 when his ex-fiancée leaked audio of him talking hella trash about the singer. As well as allegedly fathering a secret love baby, it’s safe to say Sage definitely needed the personal reflection time.

Three years later, the 6 foot 5 artist is still on the market and says he hasn’t had much luck with women off of social media but it looks like he may have his eyes on someone.

“Nowadays I feel like a lot people try to be too cool or people don’t want to tell you that they’re scared to get turned down, I’m scared to get turned down. But I might try and get turned down by Melyssa Ford for real.”

We’re not sure of Ford’s current relationship status but like they say, “you miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take!”

That goes for the ladies too!

Tell us what you think. Would Sage and Melyssa make a great couple?



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