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Life After The Accident: Melyssa Ford Is Back And Better Than Ever



Just a day shy of a year after her horrific accident, Melyssa Ford is back like she never left.

The model was hospitalized for days after a 4-wheeler clipped the back of her Jeep Wrangler on an LA freeway causing it to flip three times.

The 41-year-old suffered a skull fracture, bleeding on the brain, a 10-inch cut across her face and head that had to be surgically closed amongst other cuts and bruises. The accident was so severe, it caused her to take a weeks long hiatus from the Hollywood Unlocked podcast she co-hosts with HU founder Jason Lee.

We got a chance to catch up with Ford at the Hollywood Unlocked Social Impact Brunch and we’re glad to see her in great spirits looking amazing.

“I’m doing a lot better. Friends, supporters, therapy, doctors, the recovery was nonstop but I’m doing a lot better,” she said.

“I do better when I feel useful so coming back to work at Hollywood Unlocked Uncensored helped me feel better because I feel like I’m sitting in a chair representing an entire group of women.”

Melyssa Ford was introduced to the world as one of the first sex symbols and leading ladies of Hip Hop back in her video vixen days.

Even though she’d probably like to leave as much of her past life in the past, Melyssa has also been able to use her platform to educate artists aspiring to break into the industry now.

“I think that when it came to artists and labels in the past, labels would decide who they thought you were and a good example of that is Pink,” the former reality star said.

“When she first came out she was an R&B Queen and that sh*t didn’t fit her. She can sing her ass off but it was an ill fitting kind of package that they put on her. Next album she was the rocker chick and she’s never looked back.”


She is expected to be dropping another book soon where she’ll dive into how her vixen image followed her throughout life.

“That’s literally a chapter I’m going to put in my book. Be careful of how you introduce yourself to the world because they’ll never let you forget it.”


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