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Damon Dash Explains His New Girlfriend’s Spiritual Connection To Aaliyah




Damon Dash has finally found the same happiness he once had with late singer Aaliyah. Dash first opened up about his relationship with new girlfriend Raquel Horn on an episode of Growing Up Hip Hop.

“That was love. And when she passed, I never thought I would ever get that feeling again. I got that feeling again with Raquel,” he explained. “It’s funny. I would be talking to Raquel and her record would come on. It would always be like validation.”

Dash also said when they would talk about the “Rock The Boat’ singer, a butterfly would appear or lightening bolts would go off. Raquel also says she has conversations with Aaliyah, “I ask Aaliyah for advice and she usually answers.”

The revelation had some folks scratching their heads, but Dame told HipHollywood however their is nothing peculiar about their spiritual connection to the late singer.

“I could be talking to Raquel and all of a sudden her record would come on, you can’t not notice that stuff. It’s like she’s always with us and she’s always embraced that,” he explained.

Dash and Horn have been dating since 2015. They refer to each other as fiancée.

“She loves that I was the man that was with Aaliyah,” he continues. “I see a lot of the same traits in her … She never tried to compare herself to Aaliyah ever in life and I would never compare Aaliyah to her. I just found the same happiness I had with Aaliyah.”

The Roc-A-Fella Records co-founder was in a serious relationship with Aaliyah before her tragic death in a plane crash in the Bahamas in 2001. A few years later he married designer Rachel Roy and had two children.  He also has a son Boogie, from a previous relationship with Linda Williams.

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