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Y’all Ready To Get Into This “Lady Shaft”?



Since the debut of “Shaft”, and all the installments following, the storyline has always focused on the man — be it, the original Shaft (Richard Roundtree), nephew Shaft (Samuel L. Jackson) or the new Shaft Jr. (Jessie T. Usher). But is it time to shift our attention to the Lady Shaft? Regina Hall and Alexandra Shipp think so!

Hall and Shipp star in the 2019 “Shaft” which sees John Shaft II (Jackson) reunite with his son Shaft Jr. (Usher). And while the storyline focuses on this new generation of “baddest motha f—-as”, the women hold it down in a way that lends itself to wondering … should “Lady Shaft” be the next installment?

So, of course, we asked the cast that very question when we sat down with them in Harlem, NY. While the guys contemplated the idea of a female Shaft being the lead, the ladies we gung-ho from the start. “I think we could kick some a**,” Regina stated. “Oh yea!”, Alexandra co-signed. And from there “Lady Shaft” was born. However, it was not lost on us that, that title could also lend itself to opportunities in the adult film space as well .. Check out our interview below for a hearty LOL!

“Shaft” hits theaters Friday, June 14th!

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