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TMZ Apologizes For Posting T.I.’s Sisters’ Cause Of Death



T.I. is big mad and this time it’s at TMZ.

On Thursday the gossip site reported on the cause of death of Precious Harris, T.I.’s older sister who passed following a car accident back in February.

TMZ reported, per the Fulton County Medical Examiner’s official findings, that Precious died from “cocaine toxicity” which caused high blood pressure and then triggered an abnormal heart rhythm.

Harris was reportedly driving T.I.’s Dodge Avenger with his grandniece, Kairi Chapman, when she became unconscious, veered off the road and crashed into a telephone pole. It was initially reported that Precious had an asthma attacked before her death.

Immediately following TMZ’s post Tip hopped on social media, fuming mad, and slammed the site and it’s owner Harvey Levin for their reckless reporting.

“TMZ and Harvey y’all have been profiting off of people’s pain,” he said  on his Instagram Live. “People die and people who are still living … ya’ll putting out information that really disrupts their grieving.”

He adds, “Ya’ll say something about me I don’t care, I just go cry in a bag of money, but this my family.”

A few hours later TMZ posted a retraction claiming they were wrong for revealing Precious’ cause of death and edited the article into an obituary out of respect for T.I. and his family.

Since folks on social media however have been torn over whether TMZ was wrong for posting the information. In this case, as with the deaths of many high profile personalities, that information was made public by the medical Examiner’s office and TMZ did what they always do, post that information.

They did so most recently for Kim Porter and in the past for high profile celebrities like Whitney Houston, Prince and Michael Jackson. So what’s the difference?

Some argue that Precious was not a high profile celebrity or celebrity at all despite appearing on her brothers reality show “T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle” a few times. Others felt like because Tip is a frequent guest on TMZ that they could have kept that private for his sake.

We think because of the nature of their relationship Harvey Levin and his staff could have alerted T.I. before posting.

The news is shocking and embarrassing for him and his family while they are still grieving and at least that courtesy should have been extended. With that said we respect them for having journalistic integrity and doing the right thing by apologizing.

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