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Samuel L. Jackson On Reparations: “That’s Not Happening” … But Maybe 50 Cent Can Help



The always outspoken Samuel L. Jackson is weighing on the subject of reparations and unfortunately he doesn’t think it’s ever happening.

“It’s an interesting conversation for people to have but it’s also a fruitless conversation,” he said while at the world premiere for Spiderman: Far From Home.”It is still America, it’s not going to happen.”

ICYMI, the conversation on reparations for the descendants of slaves in America has heated up recently — just last week, there was a hearing about reparations at the House of Representatives.

The current debate is over a bill — H.R. 40 — which calls for a commission to be created with the mission of studying and coming up with proposals to compensate the descendants of slaves.

There are passionate people on both sides of the argument … with author/journalist/activist Ta-Nehisi Coates clashing with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell during last week’s hearing.

“When you hear someone like Mitch McConnell say ‘well we elected a black President what else you want?” Jackson added as further evidence for why it’s going to be an uphill battle. “That’s basically what he said, we paid for that when we let Barack be president.”

But one person he does think can get the job done is 50 Cent.

We asked Jackson about a hilarious meme floating around suggesting 50 Cent spearhead the charge and the “Shaft’ actor wholeheartedly agreed.

“He’s adamant about his payback. All I want for him to get for me is my 40 acres and a Bentley,” he joked.

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