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Beyhive Stings Another Victim … Did Becky With The Good Hair Flirt With Jay IN FRONT Of Beyonce?



Apparently there was a basketball game last night, but the real action was happening court-side where Jay Z, Beyonce, the Warriors owner and his wife took up residency. There was side-eye, shade and maybe even a shoulder nudge — all in all, just know queen Bey is not to be played with. And neither is the Beyhive.

It all started when cameras caught Jay and Bey enjoying the Warriors vs. Raptors in game 3 of the NBA Finals Wednesday night. But the Beehive noticed something the announcers didn’t, an overly friendly lady sitting next to ‘Yonce, but aggressively chatting up the Jigga Man. At first glance it looked rude to say the least — it also looked like Bey didn’t take too kindly to the perceived flirting a cut a side-eye that would make your mama cry. But, she wasn’t done. She also hit a shoulder lean that let the lady know ‘don’t try it sis’.

Well, the lady in question is Nicole Curran, wife of Jospeh Lacob, who happens to be majority owner of the Warriors team. Curran claims this whole thing was taken out of context. But the hive wouldn’t let up…

After being figuratively swarmed by the Beehive on social media, Nicole clapped back.

She also shared a photo of her and Bey seemingly showing each other mutual respect with the caption, “we should all help and support each other.” She later deleted her account.

According to ESPN writer Ramona Shelburne, Curran is devastated by this scandal and eve received death threats.

Beyhive, please leave this lady alone.

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