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#AboutLastNight: Why The Game Of Thrones Finale Left Fans Bothered



Season 8 of Game of Thrones came to a close last night, marking the official end of the HBO series. While many were angered about the series only being 6 episodes this year, it was the highly anticipated finale that left many fans underwhelmed.

*Warning Spoilers Ahead*

In GOT’s conclusion, Daenerys’ thirst for revenge ultimately got her killed by Jon Snow, who kissed her briefly before stabbing her. Drogon ends up flying off with her body and Tyrion was once again freed from the arms of death after he committed treason. Bran was eventually voted to become King of the Seven Kingdoms. Sansa becomes the queen of the North after declaring the North’s succession from the Seven Kingdoms while Arya decides to go west. Jon was forced to go back to the Night’s Watch as punishment for killing the Queen.

Now that we are all caught up… the disappointment.

As fast as this season ended, many people were left with more questions than answers. Like why did Jon Snow return to the Night’s Watch if the Army of the Dead have already been defeated or what was the point of Arya being a faceless assassin if it wouldn’t have mattered in the end?

Anyways, Twitter was quick to voice it’s grievances after 8 long years:

Well, at least Cersei is dead which avenges Mersandei’s shocking death and the rightful heir is on the throne… right?

Well while you’re still trying to pick up the pieces, check out what celebs had to say about GOT

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