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Sephora Calls Security On SZA For Shopping While Black…



There’s a new villain on the streets and her name is “Sandy Sephora” — In the vein of BBQ Becky, Permit Patty and Cornerstone Caroline, Sandy has erupted as the latest white woman to call the authorities on a Black person for no [email protected] reason. But this time, the Black person is SZA, and she had time to teach Sandy a lesson.

SZA gave us the deets on Twitter when she wrote this:

Yes, SZA, everyone deserves the get their Fenty Beauty in peace and Sandy was dead a** wrong! And although the “CTRL” singer says she had a “long talk” with the Calabasas beauty counter clerk, Twitter also had a few words for the misguided minion.

But, the irony of it all is that not only can SZA afford anything in Sephora, she also has a song by the same title.

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