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Mo’Nique Chastizes Fans For Mocking Steve Harvey



In case you missed it, Mo’Nique fans were having a petty party after Steve Harvey’s talk show was canceled. Mo’Nique however is NOT joining in. Instead, she’s urging her fans to “love him through” his apparent demise.

“Some of the memes I’ve been getting have been almost celebratory where people say, ‘That’s what his a** get, yeah, yeah Mo, see?’ Let me be clear about something, let us be clear about something. We do not celebrate what appears to be someone else’s demise,” said Mo’Nique during a live episode of her “Mo’Nique & Sidney’s Open Relationship” podcast with her hubby Sidney Hicks.

You’ll recall Harvey told Mo to “play the game” in Hollywood during a heated discussion on his eponymous talk show. The clip went viral and also had folks on social media dragging Harvey for his callous advice. Now it looks like Harvey has to eat his words as NBC has pulled the plug on his talk show and fired him as host of Little Big Shots.

“We do not stand and applaud and say, ‘Yeah look what’s happening, that’s what you get.’ That’s not where we’re coming from,”  she continued. “That’s not the stance we’ve ever taken. So, what I would ask ya’ll to do, is we gotta love our folks through it. We gotta love them, through it.”

Mo’Nique also told fans that “It’s really hard to circumvent the system. That’s why you have to have a foundation. Because without that foundation, the system will whip your a**…when the foundation is not strong y’all, we get lost in it.”

Oh, and if you thought she was happy that Lee Daniels’ “Star” was canceled and Fox is ending Empire after season 6, you’re dead wrong. In case you’ve been living under a rock, Mo’s been beefing with Daniels ever since Precious when she was labeled “difficult” to work with. She’s since claimed that he, Oprah and Tyler Perry blackballed her in Hollywood.

Despite that, she doesn’t think it’s “karma” for what Lee allegedly did to her.

“When it comes to brother Lee Daniels [people saying], ‘Yeah that’s what his a** get Mo, see karma is a b**ch.’ All of that. I don’t celebrate my brother Lee Daniels getting those shows cancelled because what I want us to think about is what happens when those shows get cancelled,” said Mo.

“I can’t celebrate Lee Daniels being cancelled because so many other people are involved that lose their jobs. When they lose those jobs, bills don’t get paid, their situations and things that happen because you’re used to making that money and now it’s being taken away. And some of us are standing up saying ‘Yay!’ If we continue to do that, we’ll continue to be treated the way that we’re treated.”

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