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Loni Love Reveals Her Candid Convo With Jussie Smollett: He Is Going Through It



Jussie Smollett isn’t as happy-go-lucky as he may seem.  According to Loni Love he is an emotional wreck and told her so during their candid conversation over the weekend.

Last week the Daily Mail released photos of the Empire actor smiling and laughing in Hawaii but that may just be a facade. The comedienne dished about their phone call while on her Daytime show The Real Monday morning.

“He is going through it, y’all,” she said. “He has a lot of details, there’s a lot of things that’s happening. Um, he was candid, he was raw, and he has a lot to say.”

But per Love he’s not quite ready to speak publicly. “When he is publicly ready to speak, he will,” she explained. “Um, I’m encouraging him to speak because of what the things he was saying…”

Over the weekend, Love tweeted, “So, Jussie called me. We had a long talk and he wanted to thank those that have supported him. He is with his family and wanted me to let the public know that he will answer all questions soon. Hashtag Vessel.”

She told her co-host she was compelled to send the tweet because Smollett asked her to.

“So many questions that he was answering, you know, just in my mind,” she explained. “And I just want to keep everybody encouraged. So, he said that he wanted to find out how the public felt. So, that’s why I put out the tweet. Not putting out the tweet as a scoop and all this…This is something he asked me to do.”

As previously reported the city of Chicago has moved forward with charges against the embattled star for non-payment of the 130K they accrued investigating his alleged false hate crime.

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