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The Hip Hop community is still trying to process the loss of highly respected Nipsey Hussle.

While the shooting happened hours ago, new information on the shooter or the motive has been minimal. Many people are resorting to conspiracy theories and gang violence as possible answers but now reports are saying the shooter may have been someone Nipsey knew personally.

According to the New York Daily News, an anonymous law enforcement source told them that although Hussle, who’s real name is Ermias Asghedom, has past gang affiliations, “it doesn’t appear the hit stemmed from a ‘rival gang’ as much as a personal ‘deal gone wrong.’”

As of now there are no suspects in custody but law enforcement say they have someone “in their sights.”

TMZ also released footage of the possible shooter and shooting that was caught by a nearby camera. It’s hard to make out much of the shooting due to the angle of the camera but a man is seen appearing from an alleyway and secondly later a man in a white shirt hits the ground presumably after being shot.  Others are seen fleeing from possible bullets. It’s unclear if one of the men seen running was the shooter.

Nipsey was reportedly scheduled to meet with the LAPD Police Chief and Commissioner today  to discuss gang violence.

We will keep you updated as more becomes available but for now we keep Hussle’ family in our most heartfelt prayers.


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