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Call Beyoncé! White Residents Want Howard University To Move Campus So Dogs Can Defecate In Peace



There are no words. Well, there are a few. Bear with me as I try to find the appropriate (read: professional) words to convey my feelings. As an alum of the illustrious Howard University there a few things I’d like to say to the entitled, privileged pricks that have the audacity to state that Howard University should move their campus if they don’t want dog defecation and disrespectful desecration to clutter The Yard.

Here’s the story as reported by FOX 5:

Dear Sean Grubbs-Robishaw, how dare you fix your lips to even suggest that Howard University is the problem and not your blatant disrespect of The Mecca. Howard was here before you and will be here long after you and your dog are dead. And speaking of dogs, this intrusion into the safe space those students hold so dear is not just triggering, inflammatory and aggressive, it’s simply unnecessary. There are a myriad of parks in the area you can take your mutt — or hell, if you don’t like it Sean, how about YOU move!

Twitter is in an uproar over the news of, not only HU being used as a dog park, but stories of white families having whole a** picnics on The Yard are equally alarming.

Somebody call Beyoncé with the quickness — she’ll handle it!

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