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Black Hollywood Is Ready To Welcome Jussie Smollett Home?



Jussie Smollett has been laying low and flying under the radar as of late — and honestly, it’s probably the smartest things he’s done in a while. But, with news of him possibly returning to “Empire”, it makes you wonder, is Hollywood, specifically Black Hollywood, ready to welcome him back?

Look, if you dodged 16 felon charges the way Jussie did, you’d probably be hiding out and breathing a sigh of relief, too. However, eventually Smollett will need to resurface and start making money again the only way he knows how — by entertaining the masses as Jamal Lyon. And although Chris Rock may not be here for it … a few others are.

We caught up with stars at the NAACP Image Awards and asked how’d they feel about Smollett starting his road to redemption. Surprisingly, it seems as though people are willing to forgive and move forward. But, let’s be honest, no one is ever going to forget about this.

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