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Travis Scott & More … Craziest Stunts To Prove Celeb Love!



For better or worse, everything celebrities do is on the grand stage and open for public fodder. Typically, when they do something good there’s a voracious round of applause. But, when they fall on their faces, folks are ready to release the hounds — It’s the gift and the curse of fame. And when playing the game of love, the stakes are even higher and the stunts to prove said love even more extreme. Here’s a few guys who have gone over the top to prove their love publicly!

Travis Scott

Things seemed to be going well for Travis and Kylie … that is until Jenner recently accused her baby’s daddy of cheating in the DMs. So, what did the Astroworld rapper do? Well, first he cancelled a few of his tour dates in order to get back to Cali and convince his “wifey” that she was his one and only. Then, after getting back to his nationwide tour, he’s been flying back and forth between dates to spend more quality time with KJ and Stormi. Lastly, he completely shut down his Instagram. He’s determined not to let Insta-Thots ruin his relationship with the world’s youngest “self-made” billionaire.

UPDATE: Scott’s IG is back!


Now, we all remember when Offset was caught cheating less than a year after marrying Cardi B. The whole thing played out on Instagram (notice a theme) and CB blasted her hubby saying she was done, done! However, not one to let his love die over IG baddies, the Migos rapper staged a whole “get my girl back” campaign complete with a stage crash … which at the time Cardi was NOT feeling. Luckily, the two are back together now and seem pretty happy.

Robin Thicke

The Robin Thicke – Paula Patton split was a shocker to say the least. The two had been married for 10 years and had know each much, much longer. But, after the success of “Blurred Lines” Thicke began acting wack and Patton was done. So, what did he do? Created an entire album dedicated to the love of his life … and, of course, he named it Paula. Unfortunately, the artistic expression didn’t win Paula back, but Robin has since moved on and seems content with his new life.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done for love?

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