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Third R. Kelly Tape Surfaces, Why Attorney’s Are Calling B.S.



Another day another R. Kelly sex tape surfaces.

On Sunday, attorney Gloria Allred held a press conference in NYC regarding a new sex tape that purportedly shows R. Kelly with minors. Allred is repping the guy who claims to have found it and turned it over to cops.

Gary Dennis and Gloria Allred speaking at their NYC press conference.

Gary Dennis, who says he has no connection to R. Kelly whatsoever, claims he recently found this new sex tape while going through old VHS tapes of his own.

He says he initially discovered the tape as a “sports tape,” but says it also had R. Kelly’s name on it. He claims that he thought the R. Kelly part of the tape would feature a concert of his, but later discovered it was a sex tape as he continued to watch past the sports content.

He said he doesn’t know how this tape turned up in his possession but says he watched it and saw R. Kelly engaging in sex acts with what he perceived to be underage black girls … more than one.

He didn’t go into much detail about what he saw on the tape but did say that the girls on camera were doing and saying things based on R. Kelly’s instructions and he seemed to be in charge of the camera.

This tape would be the third one handed to law enforcement in the last month. Attorney Michael Avenatti has already turned over 2 tapes to prosecutors in Chicago … one of which prompted the 10 count indictment against R. Kelly for aggravated sexual abuse.

Following the press conference Avenatti posted a tweet seemingly casting doubt on the tape and Dennis’ claims.

Meanwhile R. Kelly’s attorney released a statement adamantly denying it is Kelly on the tape and called out Dennis for having child pornography in his possession.

The doubt here is self-evident, with reporting that the man on the tape kinda, sorta looks like R Kelly. That doesn’t make it him. It is not him.

The larger question is what the authorities are doing about the Dennis’ possession of what they (the Dennis’) believe is child pornography in their tape collection. Are they going to be prosecuted?

It is irresponsible to continue to take the speculation of nom/factual information and report it as if it is fact.

Lastly, Read Micheal Avenatti‘s latest tweet. I tend to agree with his statement concerning this type!


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