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The BeyHive Swarms Tamera Mowry For Being “Charmed” By Jay Z




Now, Tamera Mowry already knows people pounce on her any chance they get. So, why she thought she could ever utter Beyonce’s husband’s name is completely beyond us. But, alas, here we are and the BeyHive has gone in for the kill!

While chatting on The Real, Tam thought she was giving a funny little throwback story about the first time she met Jay Z. In actuality, the married co-host sounded like she was enamored by the Jigga man and was ready to risk it all … although, both of them were single when they met.

The story was innocent and in no way insinuated that Jay was even remotely interested in Tamera. But, all the BeyHive heard was, “when I met him, you do get like hit with the charm. I found myself strangely asking for gum. It’s so weird! I swear!”

That was enough for them to swarm her Instagram page with their infamous bees and tell her to watch her self!

But, luckily, Tam had a lot of supports in her comment section, too. Just take a look…

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