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“Queer Eye” Star Karamo Hits Back At Haters: My White Fiancé Doesn’t Negate My Blackness!



Karamo’s Brown is living his best life with the love of his life. Yet, there are those who still look to bring the “Queer Eye” star down just because his fiancé, Ian Jordan, is white.

Yes, it’s 2019, but unfortunately a few folks out there seem to think it’s 1919 — or at least they act like it. These days, interracial relationships are about as common as blades of grass, yet there are still some people who feel that when Black people date outside of there race, they have somehow abandoned their community.

Well, Karamo isn’t letting the narrow-minded minions get away with their ignorant statements. “I get these comments sometimes as if, like, the fact that I am dating someone outside of my race has somehow erased any oppression I will feel as a Black man,” the 38-year-old culture expert told HipHollywood. “At the end of the day, when the police stop me there not like, ‘oh, you’re dating someone white, you get a pass’ … no, it’s not like that!”

Brown also feels that, unfortunately, many of those sentiments come from within the Black community. And while he agrees that there “needs to be more visibility of beautiful Black couples,” he’s also adamant that, “if someone falls in love with someone outside of their race that, that somehow erases their blackness.”

See more of Karamo on Netflix’s “Queer Eye” — the third season premieres today — and get his book, Karamo: My Story of Embracing Purpose, Healing, and Hope available now!

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