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MJ Fans Are Conflicted: Mute Michael Or Let The Music Play?



Fans are conflicted and it’s not hard to see why. Following the HBO documentary “Leaving Neverland,” Michael Jackson supporters are left wondering if their beloved pop star should be shelved — or still celebrated.

The doc is alarming to say the least. Accusations from Wade Robson and James Safechuck reveal years of sexual abuse at the hands of MJ. The accounts are horrific and the details disturbing — so much so, that it left Twitter in shock.

However, there are those who are skeptical. A quick google search will reveal the many, many reasons why Robson and Safechuck may not be the most credible victims. Years ago, at the height of the MJ investigation both Wade and James went under oath stating MJ never touched them inappropriately. Additionally, Robson’s history of MJ money-grab schemes includes an ill-fated book (read: expose) and a million dollar civil suit against Jackson’s Estate. It’s enough for some fans to call BS.

Which side do you believe?

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