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Believe it or not, Jordan Peele’s fascination with doppelgängers is the real reason he made Us.

“The doppelgänger mythology is something that has fascinated me since I was young,” he told HipHollywood during the film’s press day. “It’s just terrifying, the idea of seeing myself … That’s what set my imagination on fire.”

If you didn’t know, the film follows a family who is terrorized by another family who eerily resembles them.

We couldn’t help but wonder if Peele in real life has ever met his celebrity doppelgänger — Geoffrey Owens. We’re sure you’ve looked at Peele and thought, “man, he looks just like Elvin from The Cosby Show. No worries, he’s gotten that comment his whole life and totally embraces it.

“My whole life people have been like, ‘Is Elvin your father? I was like, ‘No, I wish. He’d probably still be around.'” he joked.

Peele is now heavily considering working with Owens on his next project, thanks to us.

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