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Future Finna Be Big Mad: Russell Wilson Gushes Over Baby Future … Again



We all know Future stays big mad when it comes to his ex-Ciara and her hubby Russell Wilson. Not to mention anytime Wilson act’s like the daddy he should in public to his son baby Future, he can’t handle it.

So THIS is prolly going to send him over the edge. On a recent segment for Buzzfeed’s AM to DM, the Seattle Seahawk quarterback went into great detail on the depths of love he has for his step-son, Future.

Though Wilson and Ciara have a one-year-old baby girl named Sienna, the couple first began as a blended family months after Ciara’s relationship with rapper Future came to an end.

Wilson talked with host Issac Fitzgerald about how he’s spending his time in the offseason but seemingly lit up when asked about how to make a blended family unit work.

Wilson Talks About His Blended Family

“In terms of tips, I mean, you know being there for your kids, you know, tucking them down, putting them to bed, going to as many things as you can,” Wilson said. “And I think ultimately—you know the thing that I’ve learned the most and I think this is real, the thing that I’ve learned the most is that being a stepdad and then also having our little daughter as well, being a stepdad, you really find out what love’s like. It’s interesting. It’s easy to love somebody that’s blood and everything else, but when you can love somebody just like it’s your own child and everything else, that’s what real love is like,” he continued.

Wilson also beamed describing the moment when baby Future learned how to walk and taking him to little league practice. Wilson and baby Future share a very tight bond and are often seen sharing beautiful father-dad moments on social media.

Future Comes For Ciara & Russell

This all seems to get under Future’s skin. Ciara and Russell have had their share of drama over Wilson’s relationship with baby Future. You’ll recall Future angrily spoke out about Wilson pushing his son’s stroller. Then earlier this year while promoting his album he slammed Wilson and Ciara’s marriage insinuating the singer wore the pants in the relationship.

The Wilson’s however seem unfazed and continue to be relationship and family goals.

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