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Daniel Caesar Cancelled? Here’s Why Folks Are Done With The R&B Crooner!



Why, Daniel, whyyyyy?! The R&B singer just put his foot in his mouth royally, and now, he may have permanently fumbled his bag.

It all started on Instagram live (whyyyyy do so many bad decision happen on IG live?) with one question, “why are we being so mean to white people right now?”. The admittedly drunk singer began by caping for troubled white “entertainer” YesJulz, who recently had her own run-in with social media and being called a culture vulture.

The Canadian crooner continued by asking, “Why is it that we’re allowed to be disrespectful and rude to everybody else and when anybody returns any type of energy to us… That’s not equality. I don’t wanna be treated like I can’t take a joke.” The “can’t take a joke” reference was to Caesar’s own run-in with Dave Chappelle recently where the comedian joked that Daniel’s music was ‘very gay’. “I just went through that f*cking Chappelle sh!t and I had to in the moment acknowledge that I was being f*cking sensitive, and that I need to be able to take a joke just like everybody else,” Caesar stated. “That’s what it is. People are allowed to say whatever the fuck they want.”

Daniel seems to think even though white people have been “mean” to Black people in the past, it doesn’t give license for Black people to be mean to them now. Oh, and just in case you’re wondering, no, the “Who Hurt You” singer makes no reference to the enslavement, rapes, brutal beatings, erased histories, etc… of the Black people he’s preaching to. “White people have been mean to us in the past. What are you gonna do about that?,” Caesar asked. “Tell me what you’re gonna do about that. There’s no answer other than creating understanding and keeping it moving. That’s some biblical sh!t. You have to bridge the gap.”

Understandably, folks on Twitter were focused less on bridging said gap, and more on wondering how Daniel got into the sunken place.

Caesar even doubled down on his comments. “I truly believe in what I’m saying right now,” he said. “You can’t win the game by choosing to not accept the winning team’s strategy. You have to acknowledge a strategy and then build a strategy on top of that.” He also invited folks to cancel him. “I’ve said what I’ve said before and y’all tried to cancel me and I apologized like a b!tch. I don’t believe in that shit ’cause I think you guys are wrong and I think I’m right .. and you can cancel me.” Y’all heard him right?! “Don’t listen to my next shit if you think I’m sh!t … Make me broke, make me suffer for my opinion. I believe in it.”

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