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Will Smith’s Genie Revealed … And Folks Are Sorely Disappointed!



There was a lot of hype — and now, a huge let down. Will Smith as the Genie in Disney’s live action version of Aladdin was supposed to be epic on all levels. Instead, it was a CGI scare that perplexed and pissed off the masses.

When the first photos were released months ago, fans were a bit worried that Smith’s take on the iconic Genie role — originally played by the late Robin Williams in the 90s animated version — would miss the mark by not portraying the actor in all blue (click here for the backlash). But, as promised, Will is in fact blue…

However, this blue, just won’t do. Instantly, when the trailer dropped during the Grammys, fans took to Twitter in an uproar over the horrific use of CGI.

What do you think — scary as hell or spot on?

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