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The Mo’Nique & Steve Harvey Showdown Is A Roller Coaster Of Emotions!



We all heard that Mo’Nique threatened to slap Steve Harvey during their heated interview, but now we get to see the video first hand — and it’s not what we expected.

Mo didn’t say she would slap the comedian/talk show host — she actually stated “we’re having a conversation where mommy and daddy ain’t here right now and I’m getting ready to punch you in your mouth. That’s the conversation … bam, bam!” Of course, the comment was made in just as the two were squabbling like brother and sister.

However, things did get tense as Harvey repeatedly tried to convince the “Precious” star that the way she handle the multiple controversies she’s had to face could have been better. The conversation started off mild with both sides explaining how they felt. But, things came to a head as Steve steamrolled Mo, barely let her get a word in edgewise and passionately professed things weren’t working out for Mo’Nique the way they could have.

It’s a roller coaster of emotions in the two clips that have been released — anger, frustration, empathy and forgiveness, all rolled into one conversation between old friends. It ended with Harvey apologizing for not calling Mo sooner and vowing to help the comedienne begin a healing dialogue with Perry, Daniels and Winfrey. Check out the clips below…

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