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Luenell Might Watch Super Bowl Just To See “Dusty A** Travis”



Look, Luenell isn’t the biggest fan of the Super Bowl. And no, it’s not because she’s standing with Kaep, it’s merely because the game bores her. But, there’s one person that could get her to tune in and that’s “Dusty A** Travis!”

Yes, you read that right. It’s a diss and a compliment all in one. Clearly, the comedienne is a fan if she would change her channel just to catch his performance. However, if she really is that much of a fan then why he gotta be dusty?!

Luenell tried to explain her rationale when we caught up with her at the 25th Annual Screen Actors Guild awards. While sporting her wild Wakanda hair, the “A Star Is Born” actress bemoaned about not really caring to see SB LIII because she doesn’t have a man in the house. She also mentioned, “I never really watch anyway, I’m usually eating in the kitchen.” But after she exclaimed she’d “pop over for half-time to see ol’ dusty a** Travis,” we had to ask, ‘what did Travis ever do to you?’

And her answer revealed … nothing. “He’s just dusty — he ain’t done nothing,” Lue explained.

Dusty or not, is Travis, along with Maroon 5 and Outkast rapper Big Boi, enough to get you to tune into the half-time show? Are you watching Gladys Knight sing the national anthem?

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