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Is Yara Shahidi Putting Her Support Behind Kamala Harris?



Kamala Harris announced her bid for 2020, and Cory Booker said he is running for president, too — and it is only February. At this point, it is practically a guarantee that many more viable option will throw their hat in the ring as well. But with so many options is Yara Shahidi already committing to one?

Shahidi has been an outspoken advocate for the youth participating in voting. And now that she is of age and will be able to vote in her first presidential race, many are looking to the “Grown-ish” star to hear her take on the candidates.

When we caught up with Yara at the Screen Actors Guild Awards, we asked if she was ready to back anybody and her answer was very direct. “I’m grateful for the amount of options that we’re going to have this coming year,” the almost 19-year-old told HH. “And while I cannot outwardly support a candidate right now, I think what I am appreciating is the fact that youth presence during mid-terms really set a precedent.”

That indeed! Check out the rest of the interview below where Yara talks about the power of having the younger generation on your side and what that means for future candidates.

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