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#CancelCosby, #MuteRKelly & More: Geoffrey Owens Weighs In On The Cancellation Culture



Now-a-days, if your fave star is being problematic, you can cancel them with the quickness — but is that the right move? Geoffrey Owens wonders if that’s always the best option to employ.

Geoffrey knows a thing or two about cancellations. It was the catalyst to him choosing to work at Trader Joe’s and subsequently being job shamed in front of the entire world.

When Bill Cosby was charged with sexual misconduct and the flood of women came forward to share their stories of being preyed on by the actor, “The Cosby Show” re-runs we’re snatched from TV rotation and residual checks dried up for the entire cast. That included Owens who played Elvin Tibideaux on the classic comedy.

“Cancelling Cosby” had a trickle down effect that caused innocent parties to pay a hefty price. So when we caught up with the trained thespian at the Screen Actors Guild Awards we asked if the cancelation culture had gone too far or does the punishment fit the crime.

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