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Revenge Dating: Rob Kardashian Hooks Up With Blac Chyna’s Nemesis Alexis Skyy?



Looks like Rob Kardashian is taking a page out of Blac Chyna’s book of petty and making a love-connection out of a hate-filled situation.

Rob’s relationship with his ex/baby’s mama Blac is complicated, contrite and cold-hearted … on a good day. So, when Chy, who also has a baby with Tyga, and fellow rapper-baby-mama Alexis Skyy, who has a daughter with Fetty Wap, got into an altercation at the club, seeing Kardashian side with Skyy wasn’t a complete surprise.

Lest we forget how Blac got with Rob in the first place — preying on the bachelor after Tyga left her for Kardashian’s little sister, Kylie Jenner. Look, it’s all petty and messy and, unfortunately, seemingly never-ending. A by never-ending, we mean that Alexis sure enough hopped her happy self over to Rob’s house for a date night on the heels of her Blac beef.

She even prepared a whole meal for Rob … even though he supposed to be on his get right, get tight.


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And as if this shade wasn’t, the Kardashian sisters went on “Watch What Happens Live” with Andy Cohen and threw their own bit of shade at Chyna. When asked if the sisters still had beef with their ex-almost-sister-in-law, the quickly responded that things were still in limbo due to their pending lawsuit.

We wonder what the girls’ think about Alexis Skyy…

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