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R. Kelly ALMOST Gets Arrested … Kinda



R. Kelly’s day of reckoning seems to be on the horizon — actually, it was almost last night, but for one pesky detail.

Wednesday night, while most of the country expressed hatred for Kells (real name, Robert Kelly) and his sexual deviancies, the R&B singer stepped out in Chicago to celebrate his 52nd birthday. Surprisingly, the Chi-town nightclub where R. decided to turn up, V75, was actually packed to capacity full of fans and lookie-loos. The DJ spun his records all night long and Kells got on the mic and hit a few notes from some of his most popular, and undeniably raunchy, songs. He also took a minute to address the drama surrounding the Lifetime doc “Surviving R. Kelly” saying, “I don’t give a f**k about what’s going on!!” Long story short, he had zero F-s to give last night.

However, that doesn’t mean everyone else was living in the moment of obliviousness. Actually, someone took it upon themselves to report Robert to the authorities in hopes of having him arrested. And it almost worked.

Unfortunately, the caller mistakenly states that Kelly has a warrant out for his arrest. According to TMZ, law enforcement did show up, but determined that no such warrant existed for the Pied Piper.

After watching Surviving, it’s hard to believe there isn’t a warrant hanging over his head, but, thankfully, just because there isn’t one now, doesn’t mean there won’t be one in the future. Chicago prosecutors are urging any Kelly victims to come forward, with Illinois State Attorney Kim Foxx saying she was, “sickened” by the doc-series detailing the “Bump n’ Grind” singer’s alleged crimes.

Hopefully, it’s only a matter of time…

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