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Mariah Carey + 4 Other Celebs Who Have Been The Victim Of Blackmail / Extortion!



Being a celebrity is sometimes not all it’s cracked up to be. Just imagine the total loss of anonymity, privacy, and often times you can’t even trust the people around you. And the most unfortunate part — you don’t learn about the latter until it’s too late. Just ask Mariah Carey who now joins the list of celebs targeted for blackmail and extortion plots.


Mimi’s deceit comes via her ex-assistant. Apparently, Carey hired a woman named Lianna Azarian to be her executive assistant in 2015. She even paid this woman upwards of $300,000 for her services! But even that hefty salary couldn’t keep Azarian from allegedly recording Mariah in embarrassing situations that could be damaging both professionally and personally. Things came to a head when Mimi found out that Lianna was using her credit cards without authorization and kicked her to the curb in 2017. That’s when the blackmailing began and Lianna demanded $8 million or else, the videos would be leaked. Luckily, instead of paying Carey got the authorities involved and now she’s suing Azarian for the videos and damages!


Another employee-employer relationship turned sour! This time a former employee at Oprah’s production company, Keifer Bonvillain, attempted to extort $1.5 million from the media mogul in 2005. Oh, but that’s not all! He then published a book titled “Ruthless” in 2008-which featured tell-all secrets about Oprah and her company. And then the idiot tried for another money grab and filed a $180 million lawsuit against Lady O. He was eventually arrested.


Now we are all aware the Bill Cosby has done some dirty deeds in his life, but this extortion came at a time when he was still America’s favorite dad. In 1997, a woman named Autumn Jackson threatened to tell a tabloid newspaper that she was Cosby’s illegitimate daughter unless he paid her $40 million. Apparently, Cosby had had an affair with Jackson’s mother, Shawn Thompson Upshaw, back in the ‘70s and had paid her $750 a week before he set up a trust for her that covered costs for her schooling. Knowing what we know now, this is completely plausible. Cosby denied that he was Jackson’s father, however, he never took a paternity test to confirm this. Jackson didn’t let up and she was ultimately arrested and charged with extortion, conspiracy and crossing state lines to commit a crime. She was found guilty and sentenced to 26 months in federal prison.


Kevin Hart’s cheating scandal made him look like a dirty dog, but what was done to him was still illegal. The comedian hooked up with a “model” in Vegas while his pregnant wife was at home — and it was all caught on tape. The “model” named Montia Sabbag allegedly demanded money from the Hart in exchange for not leaking the sexually suggestive video; however, she is claiming that she had nothing to do with the extortion attempt and that she and Kev were both being extorted. The FBI is still investigating the extortion attempt.


Now, she’s married and happily in love with a gospel singer, but in 2008 dating Robert Kardashian and snapping sexy nude pics for her man, which of course were stored on her laptop. Unfortunately, it was that laptop that was stolen at JFK airport. Later the same day her record label received an anonymous phone call from a man saying he had her laptop and would return it for $1000. The payment was made, the laptop returned, but the nudes, which were an anniversary present for Kardashian, were missing. The pics still ended up online and instantly went viral. Google it if you’re a creep … we ain’t showing you!

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