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Mahershala Ali Toes The Line Of Celebrating And Apologizing…



It was an awkward position to be in, but one that Mahershala Ali handled with grace and class.

Ali took home the Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor for his role as the real-life Don Shirley in “Green Book”. However, this win comes on the heels of Shirley’s family revealing that they believe the portrayal of Don wasn’t entirely accurate.

As Mahershala took the stage to give his acceptance speech, he acknowledged his profound respect for Mr. Shirley and his experience.

And, according to Deadline, Ali also spoke about the backlash from the family backstage:

“I will say this,” Ali said sincerely, “my job is always the same: I have to look at what I am doing and be responsible for it.” He says he and everyone working on the film put a lot energy into the project and he does not want to “throw away” what everyone has done.“I respect the family…and Don Shirley,” he said. “I spoke to the studio and the family and at the end of the day you wish everyone was happy and you don’t want to offend anyone in any capacity.”

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