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Looks like Lil Wayne is in the market for a new lawyer.

According to reports, the “Uproar” rapper is suing his former lawyer, for get this, over charging him. Per court docs obtained by TMZ, the Young Money rapper claims his attorney Ronald Sweeney was cheating him for more than a decade.

Sweeney repped him from 2005 through Sept. 2018. During this time Wayne says Sweeney charged him 10 percent for every deal he helped close. The problem is … Wayne claims Sweeney failed to inform him the industry standard is a mere 5 percent.

Not surprising that up-charge cost Wayne a bundle and he says Sweeney made $20 million during his tenure. Wayne also alleges that Sweeney tried to get an additional 10 percent of all profits from Young Money — but Wayne says that was swiftly shot down.

Unfortunately it sounds like Sweeney found other ways to swindle Weezy for his coins.

Per the suit, Sweeney hired another law firm to aid in the litigation with Cash Money over the ‘Carter V’ deal. Wayne says that firm got 23 percent of the Cash Money settlement and 15 percent of the Universal Music Group settlement. Then he had to pay Sweeney his inflated 10 percent.

If you recall, Wayne received a little over $10 million after originally suing Birdman and UMG for $51 million. We’re no math wiz but with his attorney fees and Uncle Sam we’re sure he took home chump change.

Now he’s suing Sweeney for at least $20 million.

Interestingly Sweeney is touted as one of the best entertainment lawyers in the business with clients like Sean “Puffy” Combs and the Bad Boy enterprise, Irv Gotti’s Murder Inc., James Brown, DMX, Swizz Beatz and more.

According to Forbes, he even aided Wayne in gaining co-ownership of his masters and becoming sole owner of Young Money Entertainment.

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