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Lee Daniels Announces First Openly Gay Superhero … Meet SuperBitch!



Its a bird. It’s a plane. No, it’s SuperBitch!

Armed with thigh-high, hot pink boots, a silver skin-tight shirt and black pleather pants, SuperBitch is here to save the day. And yes, this seems to be a real, deal project — one 10 years in the making. Lee Daniels announced his plans for the first gay superhero film on Instagram with SuperBitch himself sitting right by his side.

And although this won’t be his next film, as Lee says, “it’s in the pipeline”, no pun intended.

While this film will undoubtedly turn SuperBitch into a household name, the comedian tasked with playing him, aka @HeSoSouthEast, has already amassed a pretty solid following online doing flips, kicks and tricks in his sassy boots.


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And it looks as though folks are eager to see SuperBitch hit the big screen!

Are you excited?

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