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Kevin Hart Gets Ellen’s Stamp Of Approval … But Did He Need It?



Surprisingly, the Kevin Hart Oscars campaign isn’t over and the ring leader championing the comedian is Ellen DeGeneres.

It’s worth noting that the ball has been in Kev’s court this entire time. He chose not to apologize for his decade-old tweets and he backed out of hosting the Academy Awards … he’s been calling the shots from day one. And even when a slew of his fellow comedians came out in support of his character, it still didn’t seem as though Hart had a change of heart regarding the hosting gig. But, maybe DeGeneres was the missing piece.

Kev stopped by Ellen’s talk show and discussed the whole ordeal at length. In an uninterrupted 6-minute stretch, Hart gave a sincere apology for his homophobic jokes from years past, while also contending that “you can’t grow without mistakes.” Plus, he further explained why he stepped down as Oscars host.

But, after his mea culpa, the convo turned to Ellen and her take on the situation — basically, she spent 6-minutes trying to convince Kev to return as host.

So, what’s his decision? It’s looking like a maybe…

Academy Awards air live on ABC, Sunday, February 24th. If Kev’s not hosting will you be watching?

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