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Kelly Rowland Channels Her Inner Gladys Knight … Does She Nail It?



Well this had to be daunting … Kelly Rowland was tasked with channeling the legendary Gladys Knight for the new BET drama “American Soul”. And although it had to be such a challenge, Rowland handled with only the class and grace that she can!

“American Soul” is inspired by the untold rise of iconic music and dance program Soul Train. The scripted drama will blend fictional and real-life characters and moments; and chronicle the struggle to make the dream of Soul Train come true; the first nationally-syndicated Black music show. In addition to Kelly’s role as Gladys, Sinqua Walls leads as Don Conelius, and together, the duo strike TV gold.

Here’s a first look at Don and Gladys — as described by BET, in the clip, “Don beautifully describes his vision for a new kind of music show – a show that would showcase black talent as they had never been seen before. In an era of American Bandstand and Flip Wilson, a show like Soul Train was truly groundbreaking. But the road to success wasn’t easy. Don must convince a Top Ten act to be on his new show, if he wants to take “Soul Train” from a local Chicago show to national syndication. Gladys Knight was his last best shot at the big time, so this is the most important pitch of his life!”

Kelly’s role as Knight will be a multi-episode arc. Series regulars on “American Soul” include Kelly Price, Jason Dirden, Iantha Richardson, Christopher Jefferson, Katlyn Nichol, and Jelani Winston. Special guest stars include singer Michelle Williams as Diana Ross, Bobby Brown as Rufus Thomas, K. Michelle as Martha Reeves, Gabrielle Dennis as Tina Turner and McKinley Freeman as Ike Turner.

“American Soul” will premiere with back-to-back episodes on Tuesday, February 5th on BET.

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