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Coachella Line-Up Revealed — But Where’s Kanye?



It’s here. Coachella has released it’s line-up for the 2019 festival and there’s two big take-aways … we miss Beyonce and where’s Kanye West?

Look, Coachella knew it would have big shoes to fill after last year’s “Beychella”, but when rumors surfaced that Yeezy may headline the famed festival this year there was a palpable, anticipatory buzz in the air. No matter how you feel about the MAGA hat wearing rapper, it seems as though people still enjoy his music, and thus, his appearance at Coachella could have been pretty epic.

However, when Coachella dropped the above list of names as performers for the 3-day, two-weekend music extravaganza, Mr. West was not in the building. Why, you ask? Well, Kanye is being Kanye.

According to several sources, Ye feels the Coachella stage is “artistically limiting” — translation, the traditional 60 x 40 foot space just isn’t big enough. The “Flashing Lights” rapper wants the ability to do transformative, ground-breaking performances — similar to his Saint Pablo Tour floating stage — but Golden Voice, which produces the festival, is like, nah.

Apparently, negotiations broken down when Kanye would budge and Golden Voice would back down either. There could be no altering or changing of the stage, so West said, I’m good luv, enjoy.

So, now that there’s no chance of Yeezy hitting the stage, who are you excited to see?

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