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What Happened To Remy Ma?! Rapper Returns To Hospital Days After Giving Birth



It’s only been a few days since Remy Ma gave birth to a healthy baby girl, but now the rapper’s on health has been compromised and she’s back in the hospital, recovering from serious surgery.

On Friday, December 14th, Remy and her hubby, Papoose, took to Instagram to announced the arrival of their “Golden Child.”

It was a joyous moment, but one that came after, what Pap called, a “tough labor.” However, the family was able to return home just a few days later. That is until Tuesday night when Ma experienced excessive bleeding. According to TMZ, the condition got so bad that Remy had to be rushed to the hospital. The “All The Way Up” rapper went straight into surgery and had to receive a blood transfusion.

Thankfully, the procedure went according to plan and she is doing well and resting. If all goes well, she will be home in a matter of days.

Unfortunately, this scenario is proving all too common for women of color. Serena Williams, Beyonce and more have opened up about the health challenges they faced immediately after birth. Furthermore, Judge Hatchett has been on a judicial crusade since her daughter-in-law died hours after giving birth — all because of alleged negligent care received at LA’s Cedar-Sinai hospital.

Prayers up for Remy Ma — and all women. We all we got!

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